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We are highlighting Judges who seem to violate due process by acting above and apart from the law.

Has your judge or district /us attorney: violated due process, ignored papers filed, ignored cases cited or legal arguments, dismissed cases or appeals without any factual development, changed documents, violated their oaths of office, violated local rules of their court, violated federal or state law, violated the state or us constitution, shortchanged you on time to file documents, ignored blindingly clear logic, denied you access to a state or federal grand jury, avoided due process arguments, denied you a requested court reporter at a hearing or old you that perjury by a court officer (judges, attorneys) is not an extra special violation of the public trust?

  If so,  your judge may have lost any jurisdiction he or she may have had and can no longer rule in you case, especially if the judge doubles down on the bad act when invited to correct the transgression.  Once that happens, time to focus on acts to restore your rights.

Thus far we are targeting :
NYS Supreme Court: Judge Donald Scott Kurtz,Judge Laura Jacobson, Judge Kathryn Freed, Judge Francios Rivera
Federal Bankruptcy Court: Judge Carla M. Craig
Federal District Court: Judge Carol Bagley Amon, Judge Brian M. Cogan, Judge William F. Kuntz
Federal Circuit Court: Judge Reena Raggi

If you have had interactions / cases, either good or bad with these judges, we want to know!   If you have had bad interactions with any other Judge (City, State or Federal) we also want to know!  Email us at .

Brooklyn Lyceum, Jurisdiction and Due Process

En Banc Petition - Second Circuit : Brooklyn Lyceum still seeking a Federal Court to acknowledge allegations of Due Process violations. To date, in over a dozen motions and appeals, no Federal Court has acknowledged, let alone addressed, the allegations. Lyceum not stopping until the courts acknowledge and address them.
You have to love that the controlling Supreme Court case quotes Byron from Don Juan.

Some improbable allegations might properly be disposed of on summary judgment, but to dismiss them as frivolous without any factual development is to disregard the age old insight that many allegations might be "strange, but true; for truth is always strange, Stranger than fiction." Lord Byron, Don Juan, canto XIV, stanza 101 (T. Steffan, E. Steffan & W. Pratt eds. 1977).

En Banc Motion - Second Circuit

Motion to Vacate Denial of Stay Pending Appeal for Violation of Due Process
Movant, Eric Richmond, seeks to have the Eastern District of New York Bankruptcy Court address alleged due process violations in the only was applicable, setting aside the tainted decision.

Motion to Vacate Denial of Stay Pending APpeal for Violation of Due Process

Motion to vacate dismissal of appeal for lack of notice and opportunity to be heard (due process).

Motion to Vacate Dismissal BY WIlliam Kuntz of Appeal Rule 60(b)(4) - Void by eric

Did District Court Judge Brian M. Cogan violate due jurisdiction and all reason by "mooting" an already decided motion?
Is it even possible to moot an already decided motion?

Did District Court Judge Brian M. Cogan violate local rules in grabbing appeals from other judges?

Motion to Vacate Brian M. Cogan Decision for lack of Due Process

And Quick Draw's material misrepresentation of fact in his knee-jerk avoidance of culpability.

Quick Draw Eastern District of New York Judge Brian M. Cogan Threatens litigant by eric

Motion to Vacate Dismissal of Appeals by Quick Draw District Court Judge Brian M. Cogan and his threats in retaliation
Threatening attorneys who respond to government motions, using entertainment website as fact base, refusal to read a three word title of a document and failure to address the "pink unicorn" defense are just some of the issues in Quick Draw Brian M. Cogan's challenged decision.

Motion to Vacate Dismissal of Appeals by Quick Draw District Court Judge Brian M. Cogan by eric

And his threats in return for showing he is imperfect.

Quick Draw Eastern District of New York Judge Brian M. Cogan Threatens litigant

The Mysterious case of Kyle Taylor of Quinn Emmanuel
Why did judge Francois Rivera, who only had to read one page left out of 40+/- page document filed by plaintiff and attorney Kyle Taylor (employed by Quinn Emmanuel), not find that the attorney committed a fraud upon the court and why did the judge refuse to address the fraud allegation leading to an estimated $1,000,000 in legal fees and at least 40 hours of judge facetime in hearings on the case? What could the court have done with 40 hours of court time and untolled hours of reading papers and crafting decisions designed to avoid clear cut issues?


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Dates of Interest

Oral arguments - Brooklyn Lyceum - Did Judge Donald Scott Kurtz violate jurisdiction, statute and the US Constitution to close down the Brooklyn Lyceum for a Blink Gym and a developer that seems to have committed fraud (Greystone) ?TBA (Oral argument date not before March 1, 2016)